• Committed to the development of skills and competencies within its teams, GROUPE ATLANTIC prioritizes employee training. In 2022, despite a complex health context, the Group invested 3.69% of its payroll in professional training and skills development in France. This translated into 11,987 trainee days (excluding digital), representing a 14% increase compared to 2021. An amount higher than the average for companies in France!

    In the same year, the Group invested 7.8 million euros in training in France, the United Kingdom, and Austria (these three countries representing 80% of the Group's value).

    Our employees can benefit from training offered directly by the Group, either in-person at our sites or training centers, or remotely through Campus, our e-learning platform, covering various topics: personal development, product knowledge, managerial tools, project methods, IT, etc.

    We are proud that one-third of our filled positions are filled through internal mobility.

  • With development pathways, the Group has created personalized integration and development paths tailored to the needs and career perspectives of its employees.

    Whether you are a manager, project manager, or expert, you can benefit from comprehensive training paths spanning several months or follow individual training modules at your own pace.

    There is also a pathway dedicated to innovation to develop skills in the Design Thinking process and to facilitate various types of workgroups.

  • Finding one's first job is a learning process!

    GROUPE ATLANTIC is committed to training young talents by organizing job search workshops in partnership with APEC.

    We also facilitate student engagement directly at our sites by hosting "Trainees Day" events. Thanks to their feedback on the Group, we have been awarded the Happy Trainees label for several years, identifying us among the best companies in France for welcoming and integrating interns.

    Upon graduation, we offer a 3-year support program for our young talents. The goal? To familiarize them with the Group's challenges, acquire new skills, develop their network, and showcase their potential!

  • Discover WeGA ("Ways to Excellence at GROUPE ATLANTIC"), our approach to gradually achieve operational excellence in all areas, particularly through training.


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