… we offer a comprehensive range of products and services based on the latest technologies and a variety of energy sources

All the results of our shared spirit of entrepreneurship :

Image Entrepreneurs who blend passion, enthusiasm and responsibility
Entrepreneurs who blend passion, enthusiasm and responsibility


The founder’s families are primary shareholders of GROUPE ATLANTIC. Picture: Pierre Lamoure and Paul Radat, the founders of the Group in 1968.

  • We know that thermal comfort is essential for everybody – but that the most suitable solutions are not accessible to all.

    It is our aim to take thermal comfort into the future and make low carbon solutions as widely available and affordable as we possibly can.

    A determination that will help improve the well-being, health and hygiene of countless thousands of people around the world.

  • To maintain its agility and develop a relevant offer for each of its markets, GROUPE ATLANTIC is organised into divisions. Such specialisation allows us to be benefit from the greatest expertise in each of our skills areas.

  • We ensure GROUPE ATLANTIC’s dynamic balance across all of its services : human harmony, business reputation, energy mix, geographic expansion, social cohesion, balance sheet buoyancy and risk management.

  • As a true entrepreneurs, we all bring passion into work, but with it sense of responsability and profitability so that we can fulfil our mission on a more successful and sustainable way : « To transform prevailing energies into lasting well-being. »

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  • We guide them through our rapidly changing markets with an assortment of tailor-made services, from advising on the best solution and providing training, all the way through to expert installation and maintenance of our solutions.