Do you want to join a group that encourage trust, responsibility and long-term commitment ? Welcome to GROUPE ATLANTIC.


    GROUPE ATLANTIC has been named « Top Employer » in France since 2010, a recognition of our HR policy and of the excellence of our working conditions.

  • Groupe Atlantic has been awarded the "FORBES WORLD'S BEST EMPLOYERS 2022" label. 

    Out of 50,000 companies, 800 have received this label.


    The Happy Trainees Label rewards companies in which students are the most motivated and happy, it is based on the opinions submitted by our current and former interns and work-study students.

Image with 'Building a Long-Term Relationship Together' featuring a photo of the HR Director.
Building a long-lasting relationship - together
Arnaud Rollin
HR Director
  • The three-year bespoke monitoring and support programme includes many initiatives (training, feedbacks,…) that allows new employees to better grasp the Group’s many challenges, acquire new skills, develop their business network and reach their full potential.

It is often said that industry is a man's sector. But it is also a sector that attracts many women, including in the most technical positions!
Discover the portraits of our female engineers and technicians, who will share with you their professional experience and their love of their profession.
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  • WeGA, which stands for "Ways to Excellence at GROUPE ATLANTIC", is our approach to gradually achieving operational excellence, in the service of our customers, in all our plants. As team autonomy is a strong principle of our Group, we have devised an interactive model: the GAP (Autonomous Progress Groups).

    This lively method draws on successful experiences, but also on failures, and transforms them into levers for progress.

    All employees are involved. GAPs bring together multi-departmental teams on a daily basis to detect, share and resolve problems directly. A tremendous efficiency!