Although often considered a field reserved for men, industry also attracts many women, including in technical positions.

GROUPE ATLANTIC highlights several of its female engineers and technicians, with portraits of their career paths and successes.

These women also have valuable advice to share, come and discover them!

  • Lucie DELIEGE - Process Engineer - Billy Berclau site - France

  • Vinciane CHENSEL - Operational Performance Manager - Meyzieu site - France

  • Helen VILLAMUERA, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Nina WELDRICK - Hull site - UK

  • Céline COUPAIN - Technical Director - Seneffe site - Belgium

  • Alison PLUY - Process engineer - Merville site - France

  • Katrina Cesmeli, Maria Gillum, Lauren Scarah - Hull site - UK

  • Gabrielle Dargent - Process engineer - Billy Berclau site - France

Let's go further in the low-carbon transition thanks to the female talents of the industry! We are looking for committed female engineers and technicians to support our growth.

If you share our values and energy, then we're off to a great start.
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