Those values being: trust, responsibility and long-term commitment.

Between them, they have provided a solid foundation upon which we have expressed our spirit of entrepreneurship, pursued our desire for innovation and sought out solutions that meet the needs of our customers while balancing them with an awareness of our environment. 


  • Building a long-lasting relationship together.

    We ensure that each employee is able to blossom and give his or her best.

    Every individual enjoys a customised approach to personal advancement thanks to attentive monitoring by the HR teams and specially trained managers.

  • Encouraging initiatives while being socially responsible.

    In keeping with our strong family values, we encourage our teams to address a wide variety of issues – everything from changing perceptions of disability and fighting against fuel poverty through establishing an endowment fund to raising funds to help in the fight against cancer.

  • The Atlantic Groupe Progress System (APS) is an interactive, living model that drives improvement.

    Feeding off not only successful experiments but also failures, it

    transforms them into changers for the better. It builds on principles, organisational methods, tools and shared know-how, to give us the foundations of our continuous improvement process. All employees are involved, thanks to the Autonomous Progress Units (Groupes Autonomes de Progrès [GAP]) in particular. GAP brings multi-service teams together on a daily basis to identify, share and directly solve problems.

  • We believe that everyone in the Group can have good ideas – and encourage them to have them.

    Our ‘All Innovators’ is a support system that offers each employee, no matter their business field, the opportunity to propose an idea and put it into motion. To give everyone the opportunity to benefit from the best possible working conditions, facilitators provide guidance to our innovators throughout their projects: methodology, networking, coaching etc. They also have tools available to them in our Fab Labs: 2D printers, laser cutting technology, programmable electronic cards, software for mobile apps etc. established across a number of Group pilot sites, the intention is to eventually extend the system across all of our sites.

Contrary to popular belief, the industry is full of women, many in the most technically demanding positions – but, of course, there is always room for more.
Meet Sinem, who talks about her experience as a woman in the industry.
Our target is zero accident

Based on cross-functionality and responsibility, groupe atlantic’s safety culture is spread across

All business fields and entities. At industrial sites as well as on the road, GROUPE ATLANTIC encourages everyone to be responsible in the face of everyday risks.

To put this into action, the Group created a Safety Club three years ago, establishing ten cross-departmental workshops