Those values being: trust, responsibility and long-term commitment.

Between them, they have provided a solid foundation upon which we have expressed our spirit of entrepreneurship, pursued our desire for innovation and sought out solutions that meet the needs of our customers while balancing them with an awareness of our environment. 


  • Building a long-lasting relationship together.

    We ensure that each employee is able to blossom and give his or her best.

    Every individual enjoys a customised approach to personal advancement thanks to attentive monitoring by the HR teams and specially trained managers.

  • In line with our family values, we are working at our level to make life easier for people who are vulnerable, ill or in a situation of energy insecurity. We encourage, for example, the integration of disabled people in the company and we carry out targeted operations outside the company. For example, the fund created by the UK teams to enable people with cancer to heat their homes properly at no extra cost. Or the endowment fund created in France to combat fuel poverty.

  • WeGA, which stands for "Ways to Excellence at GROUPE ATLANTIC", is our approach to gradually achieving operational excellence, in the service of our customers, in all our plants. As team autonomy is a strong principle of our Group, we have devised an interactive model: the GAP (Autonomous Progress Groups).

    This lively method draws on successful experiences, but also on failures, and transforms them into levers for progress.

    All employees are involved. GAPs bring together multi-departmental teams on a daily basis to detect, share and resolve problems directly. A tremendous efficiency!

  • At GROUPE ATLANTIC, we believe that we can all innovate or undertake

    This is why we have launched "Pop-Corn", our major participative innovation contest.

    The idea: invite all our employees in France and Belgium to think in teams and innovate around a common theme. 1800 employees took part in the first edition, i.e. 42% of the employees in France and Belgium.

    Next step: a new edition that is open to the international market!



It is often said that industry is a man's sector. But it is also a sector that attracts many women, including in the most technical positions!
Discover the portraits of our female engineers and technicians, who will share with you their professional experience and their love of their profession.
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Our target is zero accident

Based on cross-functionality and responsibility, groupe atlantic’s safety culture is spread across

All business fields and entities. At industrial sites as well as on the road, GROUPE ATLANTIC encourages everyone to be responsible in the face of everyday risks.

To put this into action, the Group created a Safety Club three years ago, establishing ten cross-departmental workshops