• "Our role as leaders is to encourage GROUPE ATLANTIC to continuously push the boundaries in fulfilling its original mission: to transform available energies into sustainable well-being.

    Our ambition is to advance the well-being of both all our employees within the Group, for instance by fostering learning or continuous improvement of skills; and that of our customers, by addressing their essential needs for heating, cooling, and air quality.

    Climate and environmental challenges strengthen our commitment to make our Group a major player in the low-carbon transition of buildings. Our responsibility is to develop the energy efficiency of our solutions and systems, to promote frugality in their use, and to reduce the footprint of all our activities: commerce, service, production, and supply chain...

    It's a fantastic story to share with all our employees and with all those who want to join us in this amazing adventure."

    Damien CARROZ and Emmanuel CAILLE

    CEOs of GROUPE ATLANTIC – Members of the Executive Board

  • "Guiding GROUPE ATLANTIC's positive contribution to the environment and society is both a privilege and a great source of motivation.

    Believing that financial performance goes hand in hand with demanding environmental and social practices, my ambition is to engage every employee in taking daily actions to reduce our impacts and to involve our ecosystem in this transformation. Thus, numerous initiatives are launched within the Group to address environmental and social challenges... and many more are yet to come!

    Our objective: to build together a less carbon-intensive and more sustainable future in line with the original mission of GROUPE ATLANTIC".

    Isabelle SAVIDAN


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