Every 4 years, our employees are invited to express their perception of GROUPE ATLANTIC. This survey is conducted in 17 languages across 70 sites and generates a participation rate of 86%. It covers various aspects such as the work environment, relationship with managers, career prospects, compensation, understanding of the strategy, quality of work-life, and confidence in the Group's future.

It allows us to gauge the "pulse of the company" and identify our strengths and areas for improvement, both globally and by site. Thus, we can continue our progress momentum and maintain our satisfaction in working within GROUPE ATLANTIC by sharing the family values ​​that founded it: trust, autonomy, mutual aid, and long-term commitment.

Below are some key figures from the latest survey (2022):

Top employer 2024

GROUPE ATLANTIC has been a "Top Employer" in France since 2010, a label that recognizes excellence in HR practices focusing on 10 themes such as training, compensation, integration, corporate culture, and more.


Forbes World Best Employers 2022 et 2023

GROUPE ATLANTIC has been honored with the "FORBES WORLD'S BEST EMPLOYERS 2022" label.

Out of 50,000 companies, only 800 received this recognition.


HappyIndex Trainees 2023

Thanks to positive feedback from students about our Group, we have been awarded the Happy Trainees label for several years, distinguishing us among the best companies in France for welcoming and integrating interns and apprentices.

Although often considered a male-dominated field, the industry also attracts many women, including in technical positions.


GROUPE ATLANTIC showcases several of its female engineers and technicians, featuring profiles of their career paths and achievements.


These women also have valuable advice to share, come and discover them!

  • Lucie DELIEGE - Process Engineer - Billy Berclau site - France

  • Vinciane CHENSEL - Operational Performance Manager - Meyzieu site - France

  • Helen VILLAMUERA, Elizabeth Wilkinson, Nina WELDRICK - Hull site - UK

  • Céline COUPAIN - Technical Director - Seneffe site - Belgium

  • Alison PLUY - Process engineer - Merville site - France

  • Katrina Cesmeli, Maria Gillum, Lauren Scarah - Hull site - UK

  • Gabrielle Dargent - Process engineer - Billy Berclau site - France

  • GROUPE ATLANTIC aims to achieve real equality between women and men in the workplace by combating everyday sexism in the company and by working towards gender pay equality, parity in management, and diversity in professions.

    The Group was awarded the Forbes/Statista "World's Top Female Friendly Companies" prize in 2022, ranking 122nd globally.

    In the United Kingdom, our Hull site participates in the WIME (Women into Manufacturing and Engineering) event to present and promote job opportunities in the manufacturing and engineering sectors to women in the region.

    In 2022, the percentage of women in the workforce is 29% (18% in management positions, excluding the board of directors) within the France, UK, and Austria Email AG areas.

Aligned with its strong family values, GROUPE ATLANTIC promotes and encourages numerous local initiatives driven by its teams worldwide to change perceptions of disability:

"Being open to all types of people is an asset for a company, as collective efficiency arises from diversity of experiences. It's both an advantage for recruitment, a means of showcasing our commitment to the public, and internally, a way to reinforce the sense of belonging to GROUPE ATLANTIC and employees' pride. Because we can all be affected by disability."

Arnaud ROLLIN, Group Human Resources Director

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A situation of disability - visible or invisible - requires special consideration and workplace accommodations. This is the essence of our initiative for the integration of people with disability that we invite you to (re)discover.
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