We continuously seek to professionalize our safety management, to be more precise about our fundamentals, and to draw inspiration from best practices implemented elsewhere. In this regard, 100% of our sites are trained in safety.

"Every manager must ensure the safety of the Group's employees, whether in factories, offices, or on the road.

To raise awareness among all of us, safety training sessions have been conducted at each of our sites (workplace first aiders, first response team members...)."

Emmanuel CAILLE, Group CEO - Industry

Our target is zero accident

We relentlessly work to prevent risks and cultivate a culture of prevention. Whether in the factory, office, or on the road, every employee must be safe to return home unharmed.

We intervene at all levels and continuously professionalize our actions by drawing inspiration from the best practices in the market. To make this concrete and precise, we have created a Safety Club and launched 11 cross-functional workshops to exchange ideas and improve.



GROUPE ATLANTIC believes that the health, safety, and working conditions of its employees are fundamental issues for its development.

We implement all possible measures to reduce the number of workplace accidents and occupational diseases across all our sites.

In 2022, within our factories worldwide, the number of workplace accidents amounted to 293 compared to 288 in 2021 (this count includes temporary workers since 2022).

Furthermore, our frequency rate (12.78) is lower than the average observed in the metallurgy sector to which we belong (with a rate of 17).

Lastly, we encourage the implementation of as many prevention initiatives as possible on our sites, such as poster campaigns to raise awareness among our teams about the correct procedures to follow.


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