We are constantly innovating to optimize the performance of our systems and solutions.

Wherever we operate, our teams are fully dedicated to developing efficient solutions that emphasize renewable energies. Every day, we are committed to the challenge of sustainable and responsible thermal comfort.

For our clients, both residential and commercial, we offer the best combination of eco-efficiency and price. Our solutions include remote features such as air quality control and temperature monitoring.

Year after year, our Group continues its low-carbon transition strategy by accelerating the development of solutions using renewable energies (such as air/water and air/air heat pumps, thermodynamic water heaters, etc.).

The share of our revenue generated by these solutions has doubled since 2010, reaching 30% in 2022.

Our ambition is to increase this share to 50% of our revenue from renewable energy solutions by 2030.

  • With over 4% of our annual revenue reinvested in R&D, our teams continuously sharpen their expertise in thermodynamics to maintain our leadership position in heat pumps in France and our significant role in Europe. Two new R&D centers dedicated entirely to thermodynamics will open in France in 2024 in Billy-Berclau (Hauts de France) and Boz (Rhône Alpes). A third center is already operational in Hull, United Kingdom.

    This proactive approach is also reflected in the massive investments made for expanding current heat pump sites and a project to construct a brand-new factory in Chalon-Sur-Saône, France, scheduled for 2025.

    Furthermore, GROUPE ATLANTIC is also engaging in acquisitions in future technologies, such as the recent acquisition of Clade, the leading British manufacturer of natural refrigerant heat pumps.

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