Across our Group and around the world, we have one single-minded aim: to rise to society’s challenge of reducing energy consumption and increasing the use of renewable energy, while still satisfying the demand for thermal comfort.

Industrial or residential, we supply our customers the best combination of eco-efficiency and affordability to meet their expectations. Solutions that are reliable, easy to implement and use, ideal for the control of indoor temperature and air quality, and which promote energy savings.

In all the years we have been in business, we have evolved our thinking – and our choice of products – from a single-energy mindset to one that embraces all forms of energy.

The purpose of this diversification of thinking, manufacture and energy sourcing is a simple one: To increase our ability to meet the needs of all our customers while maintaining a high degree of agility in the face of changing regulations and fluctuating energy

A multi-energy offering for the residential and tertiary markets in all countries of the world: heating (connected radiators, heat pumps, boilers etc.), domestic hot water, air conditioning and ventilation. Here's some exemples of our low carbon solutions : 

Testing our solutions in real-life settings

Our laboratory houses in Orléans have helped prove that heating at 19℃ instead of 20℃ provides 18% in energy savings.

Developing effective thermal comfort for all requires a thorough understanding of all the factors that weigh on energy, economic and low carbon performance, while also working with tangible data.

That’s why we created C.R.C.T – our Research Centre for Thermal Comfort

Join us in our C.R.C.T.


There’s more to low carbon transition than energy use: see and hear for yourself...

Discover the key information on our CSR policy

On our way to becoming a connected company.
  • We’re modernising our industrial tool every day to face the challenges of both the present and the future.

    Our commercial development strategy is based on an ambitious industrial policy – Industry 4.0 – which seeks to expand, modernise or create new production capacities depending on the economic and technological needs of each of its markets. The Group’s objective is to offer quality products – at the best prices – for each of its customers, and for these products to be manufactured by specialised, people-oriented units to optimise performance and agility.