For a better understanding of the environmental impacts of our products and to enhance their durability, environmental declarations based on life cycle assessments of the products are currently being developed.

These declarations are made according to the rules of the PEP ecopassport® Program, of which the Group has been a member since 2011, by our internal network of PEP experts.

We currently have 58 valid PEPs registered in the PEP ecopassport® database, covering 358 of our commercial references. All of them are available in the INIES database (a reference database for the implementation of the RE2020). We have also participated in the development of collective PEPs carried out by the UNICLIMA union, also available in the INIES database.

Our ambition within 1 year is to cover the products of all our brands with a target of more than 120 new PEPs.

  • To further advance the environmental approach of our products, we are strengthening their eco-design.

    We ensure that the evolution of our products and their packaging moves towards reducing the environmental impacts generated at various stages of their life cycle. We evaluate their recyclability rates using calculation tools provided by the eco-organizations ECOSYSTEM and CITEO.

    We are progressively replacing refrigerants with high impact on global warming. For example, by replacing R410A (GWP of 2100) with R32 (GWP of 675) in heat pumps and air conditioners ranges (except VRF).

    All of this is embodied by the prevention and eco-design plans we have defined around three axes:

    • Increase the recyclability of our products
    • Increase the use of recycled materials
    • Reduce the use of non-renewable materials
  • Eco-efficiency also means long-lasting appliances! We make every effort to ensure that our products are well-designed, well-maintained, and efficient for as long as possible. In case of a breakdown, all our appliances are repairable. We distribute 36,000 different spare parts, available for at least 10 years after the end of the commercialization of the relevant product.

    More than 500,000 spare parts are delivered annually to our customers in France within 24 hours!

    To best guide and support our users, we have a large network of authorized after-sales service partners, our own Manufacturer Technical Intervention Service, and a Customer Technical Assistance Service that addresses their technical needs.

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