• We are constantly seeking better environmental performance for our products.

    To achieve this, we heavily invest in developing a network of laboratories within our sites, with shared methods and standards. To date, the Group has 22 laboratories (11 in France and 11 internationally).

    The Center for Thermal Comfort Research (CRCT) is one of them. Comprising two twin laboratory houses, this unique laboratory is located in Orléans, France. Thermal comfort solutions are tested there under real conditions and can be compared.

    Each house is equipped with heating systems, hot water, and modular air conditioning. With hundreds of sensors (CO2, temperature, flow, humidity, etc.) and millions of data collected, the CRCT relies on tangible data to determine the best combinations of appliances in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, ensuring the relevance of our technological choices. Since 2022, our testing programs also allow us to test solutions for small commercial buildings (air conditioning and air purification).

  • Developing the energy efficiency of our products is a major challenge to meet a dual objective: achieve energy savings and financial savings. Here are examples of achievable energy savings* to date with some of our products:

    • Up to 30% energy savings with a radiator thanks to the "intelligent control"* function.
    • Up to 12% energy savings achieved with a connected electric water heater**, and up to 75% energy savings with a thermodynamic water heater***.
    • Up to 60% energy savings with an air-to-water heat pump**** (heating and domestic hot water) compared to a fossil fuel solution.
    • Finally, up to 80% of the heat produced by an air-to-air heat pump can be free, as it comes from the outside air.

*Percentage of savings on the heating bill. Data derived from the analysis of 2500 homes equipped with smart radiators.

**Savings on the hot water bill. Maximum percentage of savings resulting from a simulation conducted with a 200L appliance (4 people).

***Percentage of savings resulting from a study based on the average hot water consumption of a household of 5 people.

****Percentage of energy savings estimated through the Simul'home air-to-water heat pump sizing tool in 2022, based on the replacement of an oil boiler with a heat pump.

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