• We are developing the connectivity of our products to optimize their energy consumption and simplify their usage.

    For instance, we offer remote control and management applications for devices on smartphones and tablets. Through a single application, users can manage all their devices in the house room by room: heating, hot water, ventilation, and more. These applications allow real-time consumption monitoring, leading to energy savings!

    Beyond the government guidelines provided for the winter of 2022/2023, the use of connectivity has contributed to the reduction of household electricity consumption in France. We observed a 21% decrease in consumption across our own network of connected homes during this period.

    The information gathered through the connected product network is invaluable to us for continuously improving the quality and design of our solutions.

  • Our three French brands (Atlantic, Thermor, Sauter), in partnership with Casam, a company specialized in energy renovation consulting, offer a free online Energy Performance Diagnosis (EPD) simulator in France. With this tool, users receive an estimate of the energy performance of their home and suggestions for improvement works.

    They can thus optimize the energy consumption of their home and choose the ideal heating, hot water, and ventilation solutions (for example, opting for a thermodynamic water heater rather than an electric water heater).



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