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At the end of 2020, GROUPE ATLANTIC acquired technology from Ween, a French start-up that created and patented a model predictive controller thermostat. The purchase will strengthen the Group’s ability to offer high-tech solutions for air and water heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Acquiring Ween’s artificial intelligence (machine learning) and smartphone geolocation technology is key for GROUPE ATLANTIC to continue to drive progress in thermal comfort, reduce energy consumption and enhance comfort.

GROUPE ATLANTIC thermal comfort products and solutions, sold in France under brand names Atlantic, Thermor and Sauter, will incorporate Ween technology.

  • Thanks to the smartphone geolocation and connectivity features of thermostats linked to heat pumps, boilers and air conditioning units, devices will be able to lower room temperatures and turn off air conditioning when occupants are absent, and even anticipate increases or reductions in temperature when occupants are due to come home. All this without any need for the occupants to adjust the settings, for simple, streamlined use.
  • The smart features on our connected radiators make it possible to adjust temperatures in every room according to consumer occupancy and preferences, for optimal comfort and savings. Ween(s occupancy prediction technology, which is able to learn from spontaneous occurrences, will allow our devices to evolve to be ever more precise and energy-efficient.

A key issue when you consider that reducing temperature by 1°C results in savings of around 12% on energy bills.

“Ever since it was founded, GROUPE ATLANTIC has always driven innovation to continuously grow and remain competitive in the thermal comfort and indoor air quality markets. Acquiring Ween technology is in keeping with our increased focus on the benefits of state-of-the-art technology. During the last few years, we have intensified our global approach to open innovation through increased dialogue and partnerships with like-minded start-ups”. stated Thierry de Roquemaurel, Managing Director - France.

Christophe Doudoux, Head of Cross-Functional Innovation at GROUPE ATLANTIC, stated: “We are delighted and very proud to provide our customers with additional comfort and savings and make their day-to-day lives easier thanks to the technological innovation of a French start-up.”


Ween founder Jean-Laurent and GROUPE ATLANTIC Industrial Director Emmanuel Caille