... for the Iberian Peninsula of GROUPE ATLANTIC. Located near Barcelona, the subsidiary operates, more than 30 years, under three main brands: Thermor is the professional brand for thermal comfort solutions in the domestic environment and Ygnis and ACV in the industrial and tertiary sector.

"THERMOR is the most widely-known brand of water heaters in Spain"



At GROUPE ATLANTIC, we are strongly committed with the people who belong to our organisation.

They are at the heart and are the engine thanks to which we continue growing, becoming strong in the marked and providing value to our customers and the society.

There are 5 main areas in which we work in our subsidiary:

- Diversity and Equality: equal opportunities are part of our culture of work and coexistence. We believe in it regardless of your gender, age, nationality, cultural origin, sexual orientation, disability or beliefs.

- Induction policy: each time a new member joins our organisation, we draw up and integration plan lasting at least one month, where we adapt the training content, considering the position and the department to which each person will be joining.

- Team work: through meetings, workshops, assamblys and congresses of the whole team of the subsidiary, we meet several times throughout the yearto work but also to share moments of learning and fun. The work enviroment and the spirit of commitment of the whole team is one of the best values we have.

-  Training and development: achieving a high level of specialisation in each of our areas and departments depends on the development of all our collaborators, and this is the reason why we are committed with training and professional development.

- Social and Environmental responsibility: we have participated in different environmental and social initiatives among which we highlight the following: Volunteering of employees in the hands of the EMYS Foundation, in Can Moragues, in the province of Girona. The EMYS Foundation is a non-profit organization focused to the conservation of nature, especially wetlands and the European pond turtle.

Considering GROUPE ATLANTIC's mision of bringing confort to everybody, our contribution consisted on improving the Foundation's facilities. Another example was the donation of electric water heaters and Thermor sleeping bags to “Arrels” Foundation and our regular collaboration. For those not familliarized, “Arrels” Foundation is an entity that takes care of homeless people, and as inThermor we believe that confort is a universal righ, we contribute as well with those people that do not have acces to it.