• GROUPE ATLANTIC is a founding member of ECOSYSTEM, an eco-organization responsible for the collection and processing of End-of-Life Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) in France. The Group actively participates in governance bodies within ECOSYSTEM (board of directors and operational committees) to monitor the performance of EEE collection and its financing.

    In 2022, ECOSYSTEM collected and processed, on behalf of the GROUPE ATLANTIC, 1.8 million end-of-life electrical equipment. Thus, the theoretical collection rate of EEE, relative to the contribution of the GROUPE ATLANTIC, is 50.7%. For sales made outside France, subsidiaries adhere to local eco-organizations or have implemented an individual system for end-of-life management of devices.

  • In 2022, our sites generated 17,405 tons of waste - of which 93% were non-hazardous - compared to 23,800 tons in 2021, representing a decrease of 27%.

    Increasingly, waste management procedures are being implemented on the sites, at least with the separation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. In most of them, waste sorting at the source is ensured with computerized tracking of traceability (volume, disposal route, removal company).

    For example, our site in Fontaine, France, continues to make significant progress in waste management and reduction: wood, previously shredded and incinerated, is now 90% recycled into pallets; and plastic films, previously disposed of in the DIB*, are now recycled.

    *DIB: Domestic and Industrial Waste.

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