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This summer, Groupe Atlantic finalised the acquisition of Hautec and Wiegersma (the Hautec Group), by purchasing 100% of its shares from its founder Mr Karl-Heinz Wiegersma.


The Hautec Group is renowned in Germany for its geothermal heat pumps (glycol water/water) that use R290, a refrigerant-grade propane, which has the lowest global warming potential (GWP) and therefore the best carbon footprint on the market. Hautec heat pumps are connected to an external element configured to capture energy either horizontally (with an innovative network installed on a fence, for example), or vertically (installed in the ground). 


They can also be used to cool homes if the internal installation includes reversible emitters such as fans or heat pump radiators. The Hautec offering is mainly based on the CARNO range of geothermal heat pumps designed for individual and collective installations with power outputs ranging from 3 to 235 kW. This range has an A++ ErP rating with a COP of more than 5.0 and a flow temperature of 65°C for the R290 models.

Damien Carroz, M&A Director of GROUPE ATLANTIC: “Hautec heat pumps have enriched our range of renewable energy solutions. The eco-friendly performance of R290 refrigerant-grade propane is perfectly in line with our efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of our solutions”.



Karl-Heinz Wiegersma, CEO of the Hautec Group: “The commercial standing of Groupe Atlantic will allow us to very rapidly accelerate the sales of Hautec heat pumps across Europe”.


About the Hautec Group

Since 1978, Hautec has developed “Made in Germany” heat pump systems at its Bedburg-Hau site. They are installed all across Europe, in particular in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. Hautec heat pumps are renowned for their high quality and durability. Products comply with EHPA/DACH quality label requirements (EN 14551, EN 14825, EN 16147). R290, a natural refrigerant-grade propane, has a particularly low environmental impact.


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