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Since its creation in 1968, GROUPE ATLANTIC has contributed to the fundamental health and hygiene needs of its customers in the housing and tertiary markets through increasingly eco-efficient solutions. Beginning in 2014, an internal organisation governing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was set up. Its purpose is to structure the Group’s Sustainable Development process, explore areas for improvement and work with the departments to devise cross-functional projects.

To be discovered: The Extra-Financial Performance Statement (EFS): a key tool that lists the Group's CSR projects and indicators as well as our progress over time.

Some key achievements around the challenges of the CSR approach ATLANTIC GROUP:

Social challenges 

Promoting the employment of workers with disabilities (86 full-time equivalent jobs) and promoting gender equality (34% of the workforce in 2020 vs the national average of 28% for the manufacturing industry). Ensuring the safety of employees and their quality of life at work: an active policy aiming to minimise workplace accidents (237 people injured in 2020 compared to 254 in 2019) and enhance employee satisfaction at work (92% being the satisfaction rate at work for Group employees)

Societal challenges

Conducting a responsible purchasing policy: A supplier referencing process that integrates working conditions as well as production conditions concerning the environment and CSR policy.
Creating an endowment fund to ‘share the warmth’. aimed at helping those experiencing hardship to fight against fuel poverty through sponsorship actions with general interest associations.

Environmental challenges 

Developing more environmentally friendly products, particularly focusing on solutions using renewable energy (27% of the Group’s overall activity in 2020 vs 16% in 2010
Controlling and reducing waste generated by Group business activities. Sorting and recovery of production waste, collection and recovery of end-of-life products through involvement in environmental organisations. In 2020, the collection of GROUPE ATLANTIC’s waste in France helped avoid the emission of 42,500 tonnes of CO2, or the equivalent of travelling 383,000,000 km by car!

To discover the Group's CSR approach in its entirety, click here (put the link to the documents in attachment)