... in heat pumps, air conditioning, air purification and ventilation. Our objective is to offer a sustainable and comfortable indoor climate and hot water in homes, offices, shops and shopping centres, restaurants, hotels, industry, hospitals,... with the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Tomato sorting center Tomeco - General Airstage VRF
Model Home Danilith - General Waterstage Duo

  • Our customer Van Opstal Klimaat installed General J3L units at the tomato sorting center Tomeco in Hoogstraten. The units are very compact and produce little noise; ideal for projects in an urban environment. They ensure that the tomato sorting center is always kept at the perfect temperature and can process even more "Feel good tomatoes"!

  • There is a Waterstage Duo by General in the almost energy-neutral model home of Danilith Delmulle's in Wortegem-Petegem. This air-water heat pump with built-in boiler, installed by Madelec, is an energy-efficient and space-saving total solution for central heating and domestic hot water.

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