ACV Polska offers high efficiency gas condensing boilers, low and high power;
non-condensing gas and oil boilers; wall hanging and floor standing electric boilers, hot water tanks with extreme performances thanks to its "tank in tank" stainless stell construction.
We also offer lifetime warranty for Smart tanks up to 400 liters.

Car Washes
Hotel BAYJONN Sopot (2xHM85TC, 2xSME 600, 14xsolar panels)
Hotel ARŁAMÓW Ustrzyki Dolne (8xJumbo 800)
Housing Estate GREEN VALLEY Warszawa (28xPrestige Solo 75, 7xPrestige Solo 120, 5xSmart 210, 30xSmart 240)

  • Family spirit and Friendly Workplace :

    -    Favor continuous professional development  with a long term approach,  
    -    Collaborative working,
    -    Easy and transparent communication with management