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Since summer 2020, GROUPE ATLANTIC has acquired the residential activity of the Russian group SST, called SST Warm floor and its leading brand : Teploluxe.

SST Warm Floor (annual sales of almost €30m) represents an excellent complement to GA’s activity, both geographically: founded in Russia, this company has strong positions in the Euro-Asia region, as well as in Germany via its distribution subsidiary i-warm GmbH; and in terms of its products dedicated to thermal comfort: cables for electric underfloor heating systems, electric bathroom radiators and thermostats, among others. » comments DAMIEN CARROZ, Head of Fusions and Acquisitions.


Entities acquisition, one of GROUPE ATLANTIC’s pillars for strategic development

With this acquisition, the company SST WARM FLOOR joins the vast portfolio of GROUPE ATLANTIC entities

Since 1968, GROUPE ATLANTIC has acquired around 20 new industrial/commercial entities, with a view to operating in new regions and segments or to increasing the Group’s presence in historical markets by expanding our expertise and product offerings.

Welcome to SST WARM FLOOR and it’s 600 employees that are joining GROUPE ATLANTIC’S family !