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In the space of a month, a lot has happened for GROUPE ATLANTIC-sponsored team: victories, broken equipment, different countries, several races and weather complications, and more.

Recap of the 69F in Valencia (Spain)

From April 25 to 30, the Sailing Team took part in its first 69F Cup race in Valencia (Spain). A challenging week with a few mishaps. In spite of everything, the team held their nerve to win the race! 

No man is a prophet in his own land! 

From May 8 to 14, our Sailing Team was in La Grande Motte (France) for the first race of the Youth Foiling Gold Cup. The YFGC is a mixed-team competition for young people under 25. There are 11 teams representing 8 nationalities.

Our sailors train regularly at La Grande Motte, yet not everything went to plan... 

The aim of the 4-day regatta was to qualify two teams for the final in Barcelona, Spain.

After dominating the qualification phase, the team unfortunately came in 4th place in the second phase and was unable to qualify for Barcelona (Spain). However, we're still hopeful of qualifying for the final at the next session in Italy!  

And what does the coach think?

"The level, especially in the second phase, was very high. What's more, the weather conditions weren't always to our advantage. We dominated the first phase, where we could fly the boat and exploit its full potential. The second part of the competition was more complicated due to the lack of wind. It's a point of progression for the rest of the season."

He remains confident that the team will qualify at the next session: 

"It's not all negative, far from it! Our new team member, Jessica, has fitted in very well with the team dynamics. We've learned and progressed together during this event. We have every chance of qualifying for Barcelona."

Pierre Mas, Sailing Team coach