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Developing effective thermal comfort solutions for everyone requires a thorough understanding of all of the factors weighing on their energy and economic performance, while also working with tangible data. That’s why we created the CRCT.


Made up of two identical houses, it’s a life-sized test laboratory for testing all of our thermal solutions aimed at

individual homes and spanning all types of energy: electric, gas, fuel oil, wood, solar, geothermal and aerothermal systems, etc.

From optimising comfort to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality, GROUPE ATLANTIC is developing cutting-edge knowledge on interaction and the energy efficiency of its solutions for equipping homes.


Our two houses are equipped with tools to simulate human presence (heat, CO2, humidity...) and activities : use of domestic electrical appliances, lighting, open shutters, water extraction… like real life !


Thanks to a multitude of sensors, we can assess comfort and study the behaviour of our different heating, domestic hot water, air conditioning and ventilation products in real time. The results we obtain are then analysed and presented by the scientific committee.


“Our laboratory houses in orléans have helped prove that heating at 19°c instead of 20°c provides 18% in energy savings »

Isabelle Savidan consumer director – GROUPE ATLANTIC France


Another lesson, the CRCT has validated the fact that the consumption of a thermodynamic water heater programed in Off-peak Hours would be more economically interesting, but that a Full Hours configuration consumes less energy and therefore more respectful of the environment. . A useful teaching for future users of these new generation devices