"Beyond promoting learning, with our 100% student team, this project brings together two other dimensions corresponding to the orientations of GROUPE ATLANTIC: we are resolutely turned towards the development of high-tech products in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and the "69F" is a very technological foil boat; we are also resolutely oriented in a low carbon approach, and sailing is a particularly clean sport, which is why it caught our attention.

Xavier de Cuverville - Communications Director GROUPE ATLANTIC

Have you ever seen a boat that flies?

Discover our team!

  • Four times winner of the Tour Voile (2 victories as skipper, 2 others as coach). 2 round the world races with a crew, several solo Figaro races, 3 America's Cups, and winner of the Admiral's Cup, Pierre Mas is the coach of the team and the director of GROUPE ATLANTIC's sailing project.

    His role is to put in place all the material and human elements to develop performance. On the Tour Voile, the work was spread over several seasons. Now, on the 69F circuit, we need to get started now and obtain good results as soon as possible. We have all the means to learn and progress.

  • Laurent has worked with Pierre Mas for 14 years.

    He brings a very serious technical repair.

    His role is to make sure that the team has a boat in perfect condition for each training session and each regatta.


  • Student in 5th year at the INSA of Rennes specialized in Sciences and Engineering of Materials. 

    He is in charge of launching the boat and adjusting its height and flight speed. This requires a lot of adaptability and agility to see the 69F take off.

    He wishes to put his experience as a sailor and his technical knowledge as an engineer at the service of the performance of ambitious sports projects



  • Currently in her second year of business school, at EDHEC Business School. It is a school that is very adapted to high level sportsmen and women and that allows to combine sailing and studies. 

    Roxane is a flight controller, adjusting the foils. This requires her to have an adapted and clear communication for the whole team so that we follow each of her actions.

    In parallel to the 69F project with GROUPE ATLANTIC, Roxane sails in Nacra 17 and has ambitions to be at the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.


  • Clément is a student at INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) in Rennes, a school that trains general engineers.

    Clément is the helmsman on board, which means that he is the one who steers the boat and makes the last minute decisions. He has been sailing for almost 14 years.

    Everything he does today is based around sailing, whether it's school courses or hobbies and leisure activities. Clément likes the idea that it is a passion that can be practiced for years, without being stopped by his age.


  • Student at INSA Lyon since 2016, where he did three years in the integrated preparatory program in the "high level athlete" section. He then entered the mechanical engineering department.

    Louis is a setter on board the 69F, he trims the spinnaker downwind and the mainsail upwind, which is the main source of power for the boat upwind. He is in charge of the boat's balance and speed.

    Louis started sailing on Lake Annecy at a young age. He started with small regattas near his home, then everything was done gradually, he then continued on regional, national and international regattas.


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