... the Bourg-la-Reine site is home to the Group’s Executive Management teams and its French and International Sales and Marketing departments. The “core of the reactor”, so to speak!

  • In addition to the French and International Sales departments, it also houses the Group’s support services, such as Sustainable Development, Human Ressources, Strategic Marketing, Product Marketing, Purchasing, Communication, Data, among others.

  • What better way than casual get-togethers to see another side of your coworkers, bond, meet people from other services and welcome newcomers to the company? We firmly believe that work and play can go hand in hand. For this reason, a small group of volunteer employees (the HiBops) organises on-site events throughout the year. Summer parties, events to raise awareness about workers with disabilities or to welcome newcomers, breakfasts, mini conferences, online quizzes... initiatives galore to delight participants! 

  • Quality of life at work is a key focus of the Group. As a result, when deciding to move their Paris offices, the Executive Management team decided to heavily involve the site’s 200 employees in the imagination of their future office space. Thus, the MOVE project was born.

    The MOVE working group, made up of volunteer employees from each department, has but one goal:

    To design a modern, inviting and environmentally-responsible place to live and work in together, one that encourages long-lasting dialogue and that reflects the values upheld by GROUPE ATLANTIC and its employees.

    The result: An incredible office space to discover in spring 2021 in Arcueil*!


    *South of Paris, on the RER line B