... the Arcueil is home to the Group’s Executive Management teams and its French and International Sales and Marketing departments. The “core of the reactor”, so to speak!

  • We chose this building because it looks like our Group. It reflects our corporate values. You will discover a modern, open and bright place, designed to respect the planet and to offer you the best possible working conditions. It is a friendly place characterized by a soft mobility including a bicycle space and eclectic car sockets. It also has:

    • Inter-Company Restaurant (RIE): 100% fresh produce with seasonal fruits and vegetables and home-made pastries
    • Exhibition room and presentation of innovative internal or external solutions 
    • Fab Lab: workshop with products and tools at your disposal
    • Wellness room: to take part in an organized course (Yoga, Gym, Sports Coach, ...)
    • Dedicated and equipped room to make videos
    • Beautiful panoramic terrace

    HQE: High Environmental Quality

  • In addition to the French and International Sales departments, it also houses the Group’s support services, such as Sustainable Development, Human Ressources, Strategic Marketing, Product Marketing, Purchasing, Communication, Data, among others.

  • What could be better than a festive moment to discover your colleagues in a different light, create links, get to know people from other departments or welcome new recruits? Because we are convinced that work can also rhyme with conviviality, a small group of volunteer employees (the "Happy in Arcueil") offers activities on our site throughout the year:

    • Random lunch
    • Organized buffets
    • Reception of new employees 
    • mini-conferences
    • Arcueil Got Talent !

    The initiatives are numerous and the participants are delighted!