In order to effectively manage the reduction of our carbon emissions, GROUPE ATLANTIC set out to measure all its direct and indirect emissions (Bilan Carbone® methodology).

In a warming world where energy is in increasingly short supply, GROUPE ATLANTIC, as leader in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) sector, must find a way of reconciling energy sobriety with well-being.

Our solution? Transforming prevailing energies into lasting well-being, through innovation and excellence in our products and by reducing our direct and indirect environmental impact.

Our first carbon assessment is an essential milestone in our action plan. It enables us to accurately assess the impact of our activities, sites and products, across their entire value chain (production, transport, use and end of life).

We use a robust methodology, the Bilan Carbone® by Ademe, as part of a three-pronged process in which we were assisted by an expert consultancy, Ekodev, and which also involved employees at 18 of our sites.

Discover the results of our first Bilan Carbone® and the lessons we have learned.

The most striking fact to emerge is that 98% of our carbon emissions come from the use of our products by customers. The remaining 2% are due to our own emissions, transport and product purchases.

This data enables us to identify potential reductions and prioritise the actions and investments we need to make: through a combination of product innovation on the one hand, and the decarbonisation of our production sites and transport on the other. Our CSR Department supports and steers this trajectory, in close cooperation with our brands and industrial sites.

More than just figures, these results are indicators from which we draw lessons to guide our long-term actions as effectively as possible.

In addition to management and our CSR department, the preparation of this Bilan Carbone® required the commitment of many people at our various sites.

"A major challenge in carrying out this first carbon assessment was to work with the great diversity of our sites and their industrial processes. It was therefore essential to study the emissions of each site with a different approach, adapted to its profile".

Martin FRYS - Bilan Carbone and Energy Project Manager - CSR

At Cauroir, the 2022 carbon assessment campaign kicked off by raising employee awareness of energy and climate issues. The collection of emissions data from the site involved managers, purchasing and management control departments, and helped to identify the key items for the future assessment.

"One of the most encouraging points is the engagement of our 130 employees at Cauroir, who are strongly committed to our continuous improvement initiatives, including the reduction of emissions".        

Frédéric DEGAND - Cauroir Site Director

The production of this first Bilan Carbone® is in line with our "Low Carbon Transition" strategy, which we have been deploying since 2021.

Spearheaded by General Management, in conjunction with our CSR Department, and involving all Group employees, the aim of this strategy is to reduce the Group's direct and indirect emissions through concrete actions, both in the short and long term.