... is the specialist in tanks and heating technology. Located in Knittelfeld, Austria Email AG combines more than 90 years of knowledge in enamelling technology with innovative and individual solutions and services for our customers.


  • Efficient, economical and environmentally-friendly insulation Ecoskin is a unique insulation technique, developed by Austria Email engineers for floor-standing water heaters and hot water tanks. Highly efficient, Ecoskin helps prevent heat loss and save up to €3,500 over the lifespan of the appliance*.
    As it is made of 100% recyclable material also used in the manufacture of fleece jackets, this technology is extremely environmentally friendly.”

  • Tank construction on modern production welding lines, enamelling for drinking water applications, affixing of the insulation and completion to high quality tanks.

  • TÜV DIN ISO 9001 Certificate (ISO 9001 : 2015)
    The integrated quality management system  meets the requirements of various other international and national standards and regulations, such as:
    ÖNORM - EN 12897
    DIN 4753 Teil 3
    DIN 4753 Teil 7
    ÖVE ÖNORM - EN 60335
     SVGW Zulassung nach Regelwerk W/TPW 115
    Druckgeräterichtlinie 97/23/EG, AD 2000-Merkblätter


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