Sustainable Development Booklet - GROUPE ATLANTIC

Data at 31/12/2018 Regulatory proposals concerning the Circular Economy are making great strides, both in France and abroad. Issues such as resource efficiency, recycling, secondary raw material use and product repair are regular topics in the current debate on sustainability. In order to confront these changes and informed by our own convictions, GROUPE ATLANTIC is putting a spotlight on subjects relating to the availability of spare parts, life cycle analysis and the eco-design of products, refrigerant fluids and end-of-life processing. In France, the upcoming environmental regulation RE2020 will be a chance to accentuate our efforts in terms of life cycle analysis for our products through PEPs (Product Environmental Profiles). Conscious of the need to reduce the carbon footprint of our products, particularly greenhouse gas emissions (Global Warming Potential, GWP), we have embarked on a process of progressively replacing our refrigerant fluids with the highest emissions. For example, we are currently reducing the GWP of our air conditioners and heat pumps by a factor of three (shifting to the fluid R32), as well as our water heaters (shifting to R513A). GROUPE ATLANTIC is increasingly committed to applying circular economy criteria while taking economic, societal and environmental challenges into consideration. The 2019-2020 Sustainable Development Booklet sets forth the sustainable actions and projects the Group carried out in 2018. The Sustainable Development Booklet highlights the breadth of our progress and pinpoints areas for improvement. Enjoy the read! ERIC BATAILLE DIRECTOR OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS, GROUPE ATLANTIC Editorial 2